Walking with the Lord

Sharing Our Faith

Last year, I attempted to visit all of our classes of Religious Education as a way of introducing myself to them and talking a little about vocations and my own journey. As I introduced myself to them as their pastor, I told them that one of my most important jobs is to help them know God and the Church. We principally accomplish that through our Religious Education Department. This is an extremely important ministry in the Church and for our parish. To enable our young people to get to know Jesus Christ and the Church is of utmost importance as it will impact their lives now, as they grow up, and into their adult lives. Another equally important component of this ministry is that it is dependent upon volunteers who are catechists, aides and hall monitors. Every person present whenever we gather to share our faith with one another, especially our youngest members, is vital to this endeavor.

If you are able to help us by being a catechist to help aid in the formation and spiritual growth of our young people, I invite you to call the Religious Education office at (631) 288-4188 to volunteer. Some may not feel competent enough because they feel they do not know enough, thus we are always here to help. We simply need people who are willing to be present and walk with our young people while sharing their faith. This is not an easy task, but a way to truly show our Lord how much we do love Him. We do have all the resources to help aid in teaching our young people, we just need help in teaching them. I thank all our faithful catechists and volunteers who have shared their faith over the years. We look forward to this very exciting year as we continue our commitment to help our young people grow in their faith.

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.