Walking with the Lord

Lent—Spring Training

LentWith Ash Wednesday, we have begun the sacred preparation towards Easter. For many, they might look at Lent as Catholic Weight Watchers because a lot of emphasis on giving something up and many choose to give up a food. However, I like to think of Lent as Spring Training. We look interiorly and see where we might improve. Ash Wednesday highlights our sinfulness as we are marked with sign of Cross. A good practice for Lent is to go to Confession. Still, we look to strengthen our relationship with the Lord, perhaps think of adding Spiritual Reading or time for additional prayer or conversation with God. The idea of Spring Training is to go over the basics and strengthen so we are ready for the big day, for us this is the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil/Easter). Another idea might to seek out Spiritual Direction from a priest, deacon, religious or lay spiritual director. This can also bear a lot of fruit for our spiritual life outside of Lent. Happy training!

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.