Walking with the Lord


Discernment is always a word we use in vocation work, discern or figure out God’s call for us. Whether it is priesthood, religious life or marriage, we always connect discernment with our vocation. However discernment does not end with our decision made on our vocation but rather continues for our whole life. Even the little stuff in life we can bring to prayer to figure out what God is calling us to do. Labor Day weekend always brings a lot of transitions for so many. For our children it is a new grade or new school, for many it is the end of summer vacation, or end of spending some extended time with family. With any transition discernment is needed. Likewise, the parish will discern over the next year the best path forward for the life of the parish. My hope is that all of us can be involved in the discernment for the spiritual life of the parish as well as the temporal side of things which I spoke of last week. I ask you whether you are heading back up Island or closing out your summer months and heading south or with us year round, to pray for the parish and reflect on your own life what you would like to see and be able to do here at Immaculate Conception. I will want to hear from you! October will begin my time of investigation and discernment into the pastoral and spiritual needs of the parish as well as the parish’s strengths!

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.