Walking with the Lord

The Capital Campaign has been a success!

Dear Friends in Christ,
After looking at the Capital Campaign finances, what the parish has paid for or is in contract for, it has been determined that every dollar regarding the campaign is spoken for.  At this point, we have accomplished what we set out to do mainly, the narthex, a new roof for the Church, repair and encasement of the Stained Glass Windows.  We have also put in a new heating and air conditioning system in the Church, addressed urgent needs in the Parish Center, and will have new altar furniture which means we have done some redecorating in the interior of the Church as well as landscaping.  We have done all we set out to do which was mandatory upon raising funds, and some optional items as well.  The campaign and campaign’s works have been a success!
The campaign however is still on going in redeeming pledges, without your support much of the work would impact our reserves, so keep those payments coming!  It is your generosity and the generosity of your fellow parishioners which helps us continue to thrive both in our capital works but also ongoing ministry.  I thank you so much for all that you do for our parish!  We will continue to look at maintenance issues and continue to build up our parish together! 
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Mike