Walking with the Lord

Take it Slow

It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

That line can often be used in different times in our lives to describe life or journeys we take. So too in our spiritual life.

Some might think that I must go to mass every day and must pray various devotions, while all that is good, it does not work for some. So starting small is always the best! Whether it is at Sunday Mass or spending a few moments each day to cultivate our prayer life, starting small and slow will help us grow in our relationship with God.

When I came here a month ago, I was a bit apprehensive, it’s a big place with a lot of stuff going on. And I do not know what is going on!!! However, as you have seen with my column, I aim to start slow. I am not looking to make changes, I am simply trying to learn what we have here at Immaculate Conception. Many have asked me about various ministries in our parish, my hope is that in October, we may start to look at the various ministries in the parish. See how they are run, see who is involved, who is served by these ministries. My goal is ultimately to help our parish grow, not only in number but spiritually! I look forward to walking with you as we look around our parish and serve God and His people to the best of our abilities.

So let us keep walking with the Lord…