Walking with the Lord

Snow and Stewardship

Hopefully you have dug out from the big snowstorm last weekend. Snowstorms on the weekends tend to be a pastor’s worst nightmare! Unfortunately, the raging snow and wind forced the cancellation of the 5:00 Mass on Saturday evening. We were all plowed and shoveled out to have masses on Sunday! However, very few showed up, probably because most were still digging out from the blizzard! Still, we managed to pray for the whole parish and so I hope you were safe during this terrible storm. It is always difficult, spending money to clear the parking lots and walkways and having so few come that we can hardly pay for it! Almost enough to make me start to go gray! There is however an option that allows you to still give to the parish if you are snowed in or away. You can do it through Faith Direct (https://membership.faithdirect.net/enroll/66)! They will even keep the documentation for you and your tax deductions! It is a handy tool for the Church because it guarantees income for the parish even in light of snow or other fierce storms when people are unable to come to Mass. I invite you to pray about it and if you think you may be interested in Faith Direct, their sign-up sheet is in this week’s bulletin.

For now, we continue our walk with the Lord.


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